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Woman found dead in Monticello woods was murdered, police say

Police say the death of April Parker, 31, was not a random act of violence

Car fire on the northbound Thruway in Woodbury around 6 p.m. Friday
caused major traffic delays (Photo: KM Group)

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Rondout Savings Bank branch held up in Kingston

Judge rules Valley View LDC is illegal

Man who broke into elderly woman’s home and raped her gets long prison sentence

PJ cops cleared in federal civil rights case

Yonkers teen shot in the face during robbery

Woman charged with stabbing fiancé with scissors

Early morning robbery with fake gun lands three behind bars

Port Jervis hospital to receive state funding to assess community health needs

Sullivan lawmakers kill costly plan to investigate DFS

Man dies in Wallkill car fire

Underwear factory is Poughkeepsie revitalization centerpiece

Kingston council leader takes mayor to task over infrastructure funding

MTA capital fund gap may exceed $12 billion, says comptroller

Westchester County Airport gets $1.6 million for snow removal equipment

Maloney questioned about president’s fundraisers

Republican attorney general candidate tours Newburgh, discusses crime, drugs

Wurtsboro man charged with felonies in home burglary

Man who threw woman down flight of stairs gets stiff prison term

Man arrested after fleeing from Kingston to Binghamton to Peekskill

Man charged with ramming Saugerties ambulance

Ulster man arrested for selling drugs in Kingston

Man charged with stealing dough from donut shop

Court upholds conviction of man who bit off girlfriend’s lip

Putnam residents save over $850,000 with ProAct prescription discount card


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