Saturday, May 18, 2019


Lawn mowing photos raise questions

City DPW worker appears to be cutting councilwoman's front lawn

POUGHKEEPSIE – Photographs of Poughkeepsie City DPW workers cutting the front lawn of Councilwoman Natasha Cherry's residence have been provided to Mid-Hudson News.  The neighbor that provided the photos claims they were taken on May 8th, a city workday, at around 10 a.m.  They show two workers, one of whom is riding a mower, cutting the grass at 173 S. Cherry Street which is the councilwoman's address.

When confronted about allegations of city workers performing labor at the residence, Cherry said that it's not true.  Ms. Cherry contends that the workers merely parked their city truck in front of her house and were cutting the lawn at the vacant house next to hers.

One of the pictures provided shows otherwise.  "Come look at my lawn," said Cherry, "It needs to be cut."  Mid-Hudson News has learned that one of the city workers pictured appears to be Ms. Cherry's husband Sam, who works in the Department of Public Works. A picture taken on May 17th shows both lawns, Cherry's and the neighboring yard.  Both lawns appear to have been cut recently, and at the same time.   

When confronted with the pictures, City Administrator Marc Nelson said an investigation was going to be initiated.  "If the pictures are an accurate portrayal of what occurred, we are obviously disappointed."  Mayor Robert Rolison echoed the statement of Nelson saying "If this is true, it's not fair to the residents and taxpayers of the City of Poughkeepsie.  We are certainly going to look into this matter."


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