Monday, May 13, 2019


Republicans, Democrats exchange war of words in Dutchess County

POUGHKEEPSIE – Several court challenges against Republican candidates for local offices in Dutchess County have been dismissed.  The cases were brought by Democratic candidates and the Chairman of the county's Republican Committee, Michael McCormack, called the lawsuits an attempt at voter suppression by the Democrats.

In a statement, McCormack took aim at both the county's Democratic committee and their attorney, Michael Treybich. “All cases by the Democrat Party in Dutchess County against the Republican candidates have failed this year.  In an obvious attempt by the Democrats to create voter suppression they forgot one fact in that they didn’t understand the law which protects voter’s rights." 

In criticizing Treybich, the top Republican said, "The attorney for the Democrats created inept cases and the cases were thrown out in their entirety on the merits of being built on unsound ground. It was obvious that the attorney, Michael Treybich, did not either understand the law, or tried to suppress voter participation." 

Treybich, meanwhile, said, "Not a single case was decided on the merits; they were all decided on the same technical and purely procedural ground. If the courts had reached the merits, they would have found that a Republican candidate for town board in Dover misled the voters when she moved to the Town of Washington and put on her petition that she continues to live in the Town of Dover. They would have found that a Republican candidate for county legislature lied when she signed official documents as a notary public misrepresenting that she had administered an oath to voters as the law required her to do; and they would have found that a minor party which doesn't have a county committee doesn't have the authority to nominate candidates at the town level." 

When told of McCormack's criticism directed at him personally, Treybich said he “won't deign to respond to the GOP chairman's personal attack and name-calling against me other than to say that such attacks aren't worthy of his office."

After learning of the Republican statement, the Democratic Committee's Chairwoman, Elisa Sumner, lashed out. "The Republican Committee press release is filled with misinformation, lies, and unjustified personal attacks; but that almost seems like the new normal in GOP politics in the age of Trump. Further, the Republicans have been using the courts for years to disqualify Democratic candidates without merit. Our cases were against candidates who are defrauding their voters and against a party which for years has been systemically violating the election law. It's a shame that the Republican Party establishment is now synonymous with hypocrisy."


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