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1841 Courthouse

Orange County Historian to host Summer Speaker Series

GOSHEN (April 25) – Orange County Historian Johanna Porr is hosting a Summer Speaker Series at the 1841 Courthouse in Goshen, located at 101 Main Street.

The series will kick-off at noon on Friday, May 10th with Florida resident Robert Milby, Orange County’s Poet Laureate. Milby, 49, is the author of several poetry books and has hosted events throughout the County since 1995. He began writing poetry in 1987 as a student at James I. O’Neill High School in Highland Falls.

Milby hosts poetry series at the Mudd Puddle Café in New Paltz, at the Florida Public Library and Noble Coffee Roasters in Campbell Hall. His talk on May 10th is titled: “Edgar A. Poe, From Boston to Baltimore: West Point’s Most Infamous Cadet.”

The Summer Speaker Series will also include:

  • June 21, noon: Orange County Dairy Farms: Past and Present, presented by author James Baird (this program will include milk samples from local dairy farms)
  • July 12, noon: Washingtonville’s Hellfighters in the Great War, presented by Historian Matthew Thorenz
  • Aug 16: Cooking by the Book: Celebrity Chefs, Cookbookery, and the Changing Landscape of American Cuisine, presented by Historian Sarah Wassberg Johnson

Porr encourages guests to purchase lunch at the Goshen Farmers Market, located near the 1841 Courthouse, and bring it to the discussions


Temple Sinai Men’s Club Cher Show trip

The Temple Sinai Men’s Club is sponsoring a bus Trip to the Cher Show on 52nd Street in NYC on Sunday, June 30th

Full details on our Religion Page


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